My slice of Binary 3

I made a decision to be the best I can possibly be. This pushed me to learn as much as I could, know what I am capable of doing and know my limits then break those limits. This lead me to be one of the youngest Information Security Officers, for the then ABSA Corporate and Merchant Bank. Being young, arrogant and with a unwavering believe in myself I was under the impression I could boil the ocean….. I didn’t but I gave it a got shot though.


In previous posts I alluded to my stellar school academic record (Lots of sarcasm) and as a result I never thought it possible to earn my degree and gain a seat at the big boys table… but Sean Mouton, also a great leader, in 2008 told me to get my act together and get my degree. 4 Years later I have a Master’s Degree in Science, with merit I might add, from the University of Liverpool.

Today I have the title, the seat at the table and a reputation as a though leader and for getting the job done. I have the privileged of leading a great team of hungry professionals. I have come to learn that the title you have is one borne in servitude to those entrusted into your care. You are not their “Boss” but you are their Leader. This implies your job is to care for them, nurture, lead, guide, scold and PROTECT them….. and yes for time to time you have to make the real hard decisions.

Chase your dreams…..never give up!!!

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