My slice of Binary 4

My journey started off technical. I had a passion for computers, networks, servers and all thing IT…a real teach geek. In the early 90’s I started working in IT on a production line building pc’s… bloody boring and repetitive BUT I got to learn the building blocks of computers and how these components interact with one another. From the smallest cache chip through to Processors

I was, once upon a time. Eager to boil the ocean, prove just how good I am etc etc etc. Having the value of hindsight I can see where I succeeded and where I failed. Life isn’t just about skill, ego and a can do attitude….its about the ART of getting your message across. Knowing what I know now being a CISO is exactly the same as being a husband and father. My job is to protect my family from harm, be a trusted advisor to the family, provide guidance and them in their decision making