A time to care…

I have been trolling the internet, as I do, in search of relevant topics (mostly work) but every now and then I see something non-work related and I follow that thread (Typical A.D.D. thing to do, down the rabbit hole). This one thread I picked up is about people during COVID, they are facing hard times, they are alone, depression seems to be on the increase and are in need of support…..

I personally know how much it takes out of you to open yourself up and ask for help. So when I see how quickly people reached out to that person, offering them a shoulder, an ear, a hand or just a kind word of support, telling them that there is light at the end of the tunnel and you DON’T GET TO CHECK OUT was really inspirational, knowing that people care even though they don’t know that person at all. It shows that there are still people with good hearts out there.

To those who care, know you saved more people than you know.