The CISO Blog….again

It has been reported that Internet-Enabled Crime for 2020 exceeded $4.2 Billion in the US alone…and who knows what the actual figure globally is.

Key items for #leadership and #ciso to look at going forward:

  1. Supply chain security … yes that includes your security products, are they as secure as what you are? Can they prove it?
  2. People Security…. Invest in training and awareness and make it part of their KPI’s / Bonus calcs
  3. Identity analytics….if you cannot answer these questions then you have problems… Who, When, Where, Why and What
  4. Network Access Control…. If they cannot see it they cannot attack it. If you can see everything on your network, then you can protect it.
  5. Minimize your attack surface as much as possible

Protecting your business / livelihood starts with YOU