Cyber Security in you Supply chain…. Do you need it?

You should not need to think about the answer to this question, it should be an automatic YES. The question you will be asked is “Why is it important to my business, we don’t do logistics we do ###”. Supply chain is not just about the movement of items but anything you need to keep your business a going concern.

Any “body” that supply’s your business with services or product is your supply chain and they must be able to demonstrate that they are operating in a secure manor, that they have the correct processes and procedures in place to ensure that your business does not get compromised due to a failure on their part.

You as the #leadership and #ciso must ensure that you hold your supply chain accountable contractually for cyber security and that you have the means to verify that compliance.

Just a reminder that even if you import and resell dolls, your supply chain has a metric ton of data about you