What we do…

with a LOT of humor thrown in and bad examples ?

Life is serious and we are not going to get out of it alive…. so here is a funny take on being a CISO

Our job is a simple one, but some of us make it sound extremely complicated…. It’s not rocket science or neurosurgery. There are 3 main things we do, the first is (Like a new parent) we baby proof the place so that the kids cannot stick their fingers into power outlets, then (Like the Dad) we run around the house making sure nothing bad can happen to the kiddos and doggos, then (like the Parent) we tell the kids that running into the wall will hurt, but if they are adamant that they want to run into the wall, go for it, it’s your head and you get to chose what you do with it, but let us get the first aid kit (and a camera) so that we can fix the ouchie.